Verizon Contracting Limited

Revitalizing the website and branding of one of the largest office and commercial renovations company in the GTA

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  • Responsive Web Design
  • Digital Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization

The ask

Established in 2004, Verizon Contracting Limited has solidified its position as a leading player in the realm of office and commercial renovations. With a track record of successful projects commissioned by top-tier property development firms worldwide, their reputation precedes them.

As Verizon Contracting embarked on a journey of significant expansion, they turned to Order In Chaos for a comprehensive website re-design and branding overhaul. This strategic move aimed to align their online presence more closely with their industry stature, setting them apart from their competitors with a fresh and refined image.

The solution

In close collaboration with Verizon Contracting’s project management team, Order In Chaos delved deep into understanding their unique challenges, competitive landscape, and target audience. Our approach involved conducting a meticulous audit of their digital assets, copy, and branding collateral, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of their existing ecosystem.

With a clear focus on modernization and highlighting their craftsmanship, our objective was to revamp Verizon Contracting’s website. Answering the call, Order In Chaos crafted a revitalized digital platform that not only elevated the visual appeal and user experience but also reinforced their brand’s identity and messaging.

Verizon Desktop Mobile - Order In Chaos - Toronto Web Design

Introduction of a New Navigation Framework

Order In Chaos orchestrated a comprehensive optimization of the Verizon Contracting website, marrying functional improvements with utility-focused design principles. Central to this enhancement was the refinement of navigation, prioritizing a browsing experience that effortlessly adapts to various device sizes, spanning from desktop screens to mobile interfaces.

Our goal was to cultivate a user journey characterized by simplicity, enabling seamless navigation across the digital landscape.

Verizon Navigation - Order In Chaos - Toronto Web Design
Verizon - Projects - Order In Chaos - Toronto Web Design

Portfolio Showcasing

To craft a seamless and intuitive user experience that beckons clients to explore the company’s portfolio, Order In Chaos rooted the experience in the inherent value offered by Verizon Contracting. We artfully intertwined compelling imagery and emotive storytelling elements, skillfully providing a platform for the company to accentuate and exhibit its extensive expertise in the industry.

Refreshing the Company's Voice

Embarking on a journey to rejuvenate and elevate the company’s online presence, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of their website’s tone of voice. Our goal was to infuse a blend of professionalism and approachability, reflecting the demeanor of the company’s knowledgeable yet personable team. Through meticulous crafting and strategic implementation, we curated a tone that resonates with the audience, striking the perfect balance between expertise and warmth.

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