Creative Direction & Shopify Development for The SOKEY Clothing Brand


  • E-Commerce
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Branding
  • UX/UI Design
  • Search Engine Optimization


Renowned for its thoughtfully designed creative collections, The SOKEY Clothing brand was born with the idea of highlighting the essence of their environment, celebrating the factors that help shape who they are by paying tribute to the past while looking towards the future. As the brand was launching its commerce channel, the team recognized the need for a digital flagship that would not only enhance its luxury standing but also connect with the streetwear culture worldwide. To achieve this goal, our team was engaged to collaborate in designing and developing an exceptional e-commerce experience that truly embodied the brand’s artisanal spirit.


Understanding the significance of this endeavor, we embarked on a journey to create a digital platform on Shopify that seamlessly translated the essence of The SOKEY’s thoughtfully designed clothing collections into an online space. Working hand in hand with The SOKEY, we co-created an exceptional e-commerce destination the mirrors the refined brand identity that embodies their brand values, and thoughtfully integrate social media and marketing campaign systems.

Creative Direction & Planning

Prior to designing and building the Shopify storefront, our team of designers engaged with stakeholders at The SOKEY to provide creative direction for the e-commerce experience. Order In Chaos advised on the overall approach for content, customer experience and design direction, utilizing the brand’s minimalist colours and patterns for inspiration.


In our quest to define the perfect eCommerce strategy, we centered our focus on the user experience. Drawing inspiration from cultural insights and user behaviour, we carefully constructed a site framework that brings the brand to its audience in a truly experiential and unexpected manner.

Since The SOKEY’s product line up involves an ongoing introduction of designer drops and collections, we started our project off by carrying out an intensive technical discovery from which we learned more about the brand’s aspirations for its e-commerce platform. We embraced Shopify as the optimal choice. We then proceeded to build a custom Shopify theme and leverage the platform’s cloud-based architecture to seamlessly accommodate The SOKEY’s integration needs and internationalization efforts while providing the necessary scalability for front-end customization and design.


Throughout our engagement to create a digital platform that seamlessly translated the essence of The SOKEY’s Clothing brand experience into an online space, we anchored our approach in the brand’s discovery and storytelling pillars. Our UX/UI design team adopted a customer-centric mindset to design a digital storefront empowering customers to effortlessly move between open discovery and a singular focus through seamless navigation and exploration-sparking categorization.


Enhancing the mobile experience was a central objective of this project. The client approached us with significant concerns regarding problematic mobile checkout, mini-cart, and navigation, which greatly hindered their ability to convert site visitors successfully.

To tackle these challenges head-on, our team of UX/UI designers and eCommerce strategists embraced a mobile-first approach. We recognized the need to create a seamless and intuitive mobile interface that maximizes user satisfaction and drives conversion rates. Through careful strategizing, we designed and developed a modular design system that empowered the brand to have complete control over content presentation while ensuring consistency and engagement across various devices.